Vegetables at Worton Kitchen Garden

Organic Wonderland: Worton Kitchen Garden

At The Good Plot, there are no greater heroes than our ingredients and producers. For fruit and vegetables, we use Worton Organic Garden.

Based in Oxfordshire it comprises 7 acres of lovingly tended gardens producing beans, pumpkins, potatoes and a wealth of other organic treats. It’s run by David Blake – an expert market gardener doing exciting things with his chef and business partner Simon Spence. David has been closely associated with the Permaculture movement since it first started and has adopted its principles into his approach.

Worton Kitchen Garden started 20 years ago in the grounds of Worton Park. From humble beginnings with one ploughed field and two polytunnels, the Garden is now flourishing and supplies both a farm shop and café/restaurant with extraordinary produce.

We work closely with David to bring the best seasonal produce to your table.