Introducing: The Good Plot at Home

At The Good Plot, our goal from the outset has been to think Beyond Food. As a restaurant and deli that means ensuring that our food is healthy and nutritious, and that our produce is sourced ethically and seasonally, so that we give back to the natural world.

But thinking Beyond Food also means something deeper. It calls on us to recognise that nourishing your mind and body requires a holistic approach to leading a healthy life, well beyond the sustenance we put in our bodies.

It means looking after your mental and physical health. It means being kind to yourself and to others. It means looking out for friends and family, neighbours and colleagues, when times are hard. And it means cherishing the community, friendship and love that keeps us all going.

The past year has been so difficult for so many of us. Having opened our doors in the middle of the pandemic, between two National Lockdowns, we’re keenly aware of the physical and emotional toll of these measures and we want to do our bit to support others. That’s why we have made it our mission to think Beyond Food – to help our customers and the local community get through this period and to celebrate healthy living long into the future.

The Good Plot at Home is our answer. We want our holistic understanding of healthy living to extend far beyond the tables in our restaurant and into the community we serve. We’re offering exciting take-out treats, nourishing meal-kits and delicious pantry items that will help every one of our customers create their own little plot of happiness and health – whether it’s in the kitchen, on the sofa, in the garden, or curled up in bed!

We’re just as excited to announce that throughout the weeks of lockdown, we will be providing recipe ideas and walkthroughs to help you enjoy nutritious, seasonal food while staying at home. We’ll also be posting tips and materials for keeping your mind and body fit and healthy, including free online Pilates sessions and mindfulness sessions. You’ll be able to find all of them here and on our Instagram channel.

All of us at The Good Plot are passionate about food and everything beyond it. We can’t wait to for you to join us.

With love,
The Good Plot team