Lunch menu: Tue - Fri (Spring ‘21)

  • (Ve) Freshly baked focaccia (G)
  • (Ve) Spring vegetable soup, salsa verde, croutons (G, Ce)
  • (GF) Puy lentils and wild rice salad, feta and pomegranate dressing (M, SD, Ce)
  • (Ve, GF) Seasonal crudités, seed crackers, red pepper and paprika hummus (Se)
  • Freshly made egg free Pasta, Nduja, slow roasted tomatoes and burrata (G, M)
  • (GF) Corn fed roasted baby Chicken, honey, house preserved lemons & ginger (So, SD)
  • (GF) Charred octopus, cannelini puree, chorizo and rosemary (Mo, SD)

On the side

  • (Ve, GF) Crispy gem, datterini and cucumber salad, sumac dressing (SD)
  • (GF) Jersey royal potatoes, dill and yoghurt dressing (Mu, SD, M, Se)
  • (Ve, GF) Mixed greens, roasted garlic and lemon (SD, Mu)


  • (GF) Kumquat and almond cake, Orange blossom yoghurt (M, E, N)
  • (GF) Raw vanilla honey parait, fruit compote (M, E)
  • (Ve) Pink grapefruit sorbet

GF – Gluten Free, V – Vegetarian, Ve – Vegan
Cr – Crustaceans, L – Lactose, E – Eggs, F Fish, G – Gluten, Lu – Lupin, Mu – Mustard
Mo – Molluscs, N – Nuts, P – Peanuts, SD – Sulphites, Se – Sesame, So – Soya