TGP at Home

  • (GF) Cranberry, almond and orange biscotti (E, N)
  • (GF) Freshly baked whole seeded loaf (N,Se)
  • (GF, Ve) House made granola (N, Se) 400g bag
  • (GF, Ve) Mix seed crackers (Se)
  • Handcrafted Jams

    Strawberry basil
    Apricot orange amaretto
    Orange whiskey marmalade
    Blueberry sloegin 
    Yorkshire spiced chutney 

  • Lemon, fennel and pink peppercorns marinated Nocellara olives
  • Chocolate chip cookie mix
  • Garlic and chilli flavoured olive oil

GF – Gluten Free, V – Vegetarian, Ve – Vegan
Cr – Crustaceans, L – Lactose, E – Eggs, F Fish, G – Gluten, Lu – Lupin, Mu – Mustard
Mo – Molluscs, N – Nuts, P – Peanuts, SD – Sulphites, Se – Sesame, So – Soya